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Welcome to the home page for Guide Dog Users of the Empire State. We hope you enjoy your virtual experience with us. Call us anytime by dialing toll-free: 518-330-7459

Thanks to our members, we are fortunate to collectively benefit from over 50 years of working and living with guide dogs.

We are a special interest chapter of the American Council of the Blind of New York  ( Geographically diverse, our members meet via teleconference bimonthly as well as in person during the annual New York ACB State convention and conference.

We strive to be a strong voice for all guide dog users living in New York State. We understand the challenges that sometimes happen when traveling with our dogs and we are developing a network of educational information, social support and resources to assist handlers during these instances. Access refusal is not only illegal, it compromises our civil Rights and can impact our ability to independently travel.

The path we walk together is unique and rewarding– with your help, we can become an effective tool and source of support for all guide dog users residing in New York.

Do you want to know more about guide and service dogs? Go here to read the Americans with Disabilities Act revised section on service animals:

Questions about the ADA regulations and how they apply in public? Go here:

FAQ Do you have questions about how a guide dog performs a task. We’ve got the answers.

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Testimonials — read stories told by guide dog users. The Bonding process is essential in creating trust. It isn’t magic, it takes time, practice and team work.

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Important Dates to Remember

A guide dog leading a person down a sidewalkInternational Guide Dog Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April. It was instituted in 1989 to commemorate the formation of the International Guide Dog Federation and is recognized worldwide on the last Wednesday of April.